Grief Recovery Program

Loss and grief are part of life 

Yet, we don’t always know how to navigate our way through the darkest of emotions.

I know. I’ve been there twice already. This is why I offer this program.

We owe it to ourselves to regain our life completely. We owe it to the person who died to live your best life.

Sure, it’s easy to carry the burden of grief. Yet, it also sucks to life from us. We need to find all the gems in the darkness, to feel liberated and ready to shine in the world.

In six sessions, we work through the major grief episodes of your life and release them. You also understand how some seemingly unconnected actions keep the grief in check – in your body.

You can expect:

✨ To feel lighter and showing up brighter in the world

✨ The intensity of the pain your body diminishes over time

✨ Because you are lighter and brighter, how you or your business shows up is also transformed

✨ To have new dreams for how you want your life to be


We use the proven Grief Recovery method, of which I am a qualified specialist and walk through the following:

🗝 Myths about grief and how they show up in your life

🗝 How we displace feelings and which ones you do 

🗝 Personal history with grief 

🗝 Combining the recovery components with the losses experienced

🗝 Completion letters

🗝 Healing incomplete relationships and new habits


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I am a qualified Grief Recovery Specialist. I used this method for the grief of my daughter and all the smaller unresolved losses in my life as well as having the training to run sessions for others.