About Karen

Karen PurvesKaren Purves has lived her gratitude practice for 20 years discovering the power of gratitude when she became unexpectedly homelessness.

Five years ago, her mother and daughter died suddenly a month apart and this was the litmus test of her practice. Instead of falling through the cracks, Karen approached the grief as the transformational event it is. She listened to the inner calls to return to the country of her birth leading to new ways of working and creating a new social network.

Karen supports clients in developing gratitude and appreciation, for both of these qualities and emotions are the cornerstone for bringing into reality all that we desire.

Gratitude is a lifestyle choice rather than something done in 2 minutes at the end of the day.

The big benefits appear when we relish the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Relishing leads to Appreciation.

Appreciation leads to Abundance.

Abundance is realising all we desire.