Susan Young shares how repressed feelings surface with grief

Through a relationship, Susan there was a link between the manipulation and abuse she experienced then and that of her family.  After Susan had a skin cancer removed, she felt increasingly as if she was living in a cage. Susan felt she was in a situation she couldn’t escape and felt immense shame and guilt for what she had created for herself.

Inside the cage, Susan desperately wanted expansiveness and joy. Although she experienced fleetingly, it wasn’t until she returned home to Scotland after the death of her brother that Susan was able to piece together the recurring events and beginning to reach the repressed emotions, all of which led her to starting to heal herself.

Susan is still in the process of healing and has started women’s circles to help others heal whilst also healing herself.

Listen to this conversation how Susan became nomadic whilst she was repressing the unwanted feelings of grief, guilt and shame and how guides arrive to help her through her journey and healing

Susan’s bio

Susan is an Intuitive Intelligence Practitioner®, Spiritual Leader & teacher. As a contemporary modern mystic, Susan will help you to change your mind about yourself & change your life.

Through a Holistic approach & an understanding of Quantum Physics (she’ll be a PhD soon), Susan’s work will guide you back to Who you were always meant to become, following your innate Intuition & Soul guidance.

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