Listen to how Tracey Walker overcame violent upbringing

Tracey Walker realised she had a choice in how she lived her life. Live as she had been brought up or find a new way. She chose the latter. Through her own admission, Tracey effectively started puberty at age 39 and she has certainly made hip for lost time. Listen to this thought-provoking episode.

Tracey’s bio

Tracey Walker was born into a violent alcoholic home life and she dealt with multiple challenges in
her life. She became a widow at 21, with a 2yr old and another one on the way. She then fell into a
violent alcoholic relationship and had a 3 rd child.

The amazing transformation came when Tracey entered a fellowship of people who identified with
what she was living with. She became aware of the part she played in her life’s journey and
recognised what she had to do to break that cycle.

From that moment forward Tracey has continued to learn about herself and become aware of the
learned behaviours from her childhood that directed her to bad choices such as dysfunctional

This new awareness gave Tracey the courage to overcome her fears and step out of her comfort
zone. Tracey went back to school and completed years 10, 11 and 12 in a local high school in class
with teenagers. She graduated and went on to university.

Tracey can now say that through her willingness and awareness she has most definitely succeeded in
challenging her past to become an amazingly confident and successful person always striving to
extend herself further and further.

Her goal now is to become an awesome inspirational speaker and life coach to help others overcome
their limiting beliefs to achieve greatness.

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