Judy Newbery interviewed on Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Meet Judy Newbery, facial reflexologist from Melbourne, who helps women to cut physical and mental fatigue through reducing stress, boosting their immune systems and establishing healthy boundaries.

Her background is in nursing and worked as a trained nurse, midwife and district nurse which Judy originally loved, however she became fed up with a system that spent very little time listening to the actual patient and just treated the symptoms.

Judy wanted to treat people holistically and spend time with them when they needed it. She had always been interested in complementary therapies so decided to study Reflexology.

She has now been a professional reflexologist for nearly 12 years and started working on the face about 7 years ago as Judy finds it a more powerful way of working with the body.

She has a home based clinic and love working with a variety of clients though she specialises in working with women.

Judy believes that as women, we tend to prioritise everyone else before ourselves and I would like to help change this.

We explore the change from nursing to reflexology. By her own admission, Judy was a good girl, out to please others rather than herself, until it got too much. She had pushed down her feelings of grief after the loss of her sister as she was strong for the rest of the family.

Judy moved to the UK for eight years and, although she did enjoy her time there, she really didn’t want to go.

The last straw was when her son had left home and rather than having a sense of freedom, her mother’s care intensified.

Judy’s reservoir was depleted.

She couldn’t go on any longer.

She decided to call Time.

Reprioritise HER as a priority which led to changes at home, how she supported her family and friends.

Today, she is a vibrant woman showing the world how they can do the same thing for them.

Listen to the full interview. It is uplifting and inspiring.


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