Make the ordinary extraordinary

Gratitude is an emotion not an activity we do with our heads. 

The magic of gratitude is that we find the ordinary extraordinary.

How we do this is by being present and seeing all that is before you and beneath you. This can be a beaten up sofa that holds memories of lots of laughter, cuddles, conversations and even maybe the start of an addition to the family. We can choose to see it as past it’s prime or we can view it with love that it holds so many memories.

If the kids have made a mess with their toys, we are grateful that we have the kids. We are grateful we had the means to buy the toys. We also have the gift of playing with them, observing them. We have the choice whether feeling abundant or irritated because of the untidiness. 

Make the ordinary extraordinary everyday and your life will become so awesome, it will be unrecognisable. 

If you want help to realise this, here’s an extract of the book Gratitude Prompts free

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