Feeling good in under 3 minutes

We know about gratitude. We are brought up to say ‘Thank you’ when receiving things that it becomes so ingrained, an automatic response. Is this what it’s all about?

Consider another perspective, humans can have a tendency to take all the good things for granted. Unless we remain open to all that is around us, we can take for granted someone bringing a drink for you; the sun shining; clouds giving rain so plants can grow, instead we can be consumed by what isn’t going to plan or the annoying habits of those around you.

How often have you brought your bad mood home with you? Whether it is irritation or annoyance that a meeting didn’t go as you would’ve liked, you open the door to a loving and joyful scene. Instead of relishing the moment, a grumble erupts and effectively bursts the joy and love from the smiling faces or even the wagging tails.

There are lots of ways to becoming present whether it’s adopting a mindful practice, starting the day with 20 minutes meditation, showing appreciation and a gratitude practice; they all work.

Though time can be an issue and that’s why I am recommending gratitude.  I extend gratitude into appreciation.

There is no better feeling than of appreciation for everything around; for being grateful for being grateful for all the experiences that brought us here to this moment.

I’ve found the easiest way to feel good is to see, I mean, really see, who and what is in front of you and show appreciation and gratitude.

It can be in the car driving the kids to school, and even though the morning can be stressful, you wouldn’t change it for another life.

watching the sunrise

It can be looking out the window and whatever your eyes can see, there is beauty. It’s a choice to see the good. Seeing the good connects us with our feelings of joy, love and appreciation. whilst in these feelings, we are aligned with who we are and can be. Ideas flow. Face smiles. eyes sparkle. Time slows down.

Even at traffic lights, see the flowers, birds, trees, sky and marvel at the amazing world we live. Make it something you do every time you stop. Notice how you feel. If you have passengers, invite them to join in.

When a sneaking little grumbling thought arrives, choose to see what is beautiful around you.

Leave a message on what happened when you slowed down and saw what is in front of you.


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