Appreciation and Gratitude

No one likes being taken for granted. It feels as like being a doormat, an ATM machine or an unpaid taxi driver. Yet, the demands for your time, money and skills become a drain. I am sure there are times in your life, dear reader, when some or all of these things have happened either as a giver or as a receiver. 

Taking people for granted can be a killer for the longevity of relationships whether at home or at work. There is a simple activity to reverse the trend. Simply, take a few minutes to show your appreciation.

Showing appreciation is delicious. Just thinking about it now fills me with joy. this is both showing and being shown appreciation. 

First all be present, if you want to start from now, watch what the significant person/persons do. And where it connects, express your appreciation for how they conduct themselves, how they helped someone, that they gave you a drink before you asked.

Saying these things show you are present and like having them around. 

Don’t under-estimate the small things. Actions taken like greasing the engine, they aren’t glamorous, they have to be done regularly otherwise the engine would seize. With appreciate, sure you can splash out and buy a gift, but this isn’t really necessary. 

When you appreciate someone, or something in nature, you are, in effect, saying thank you to them for being them. Like kindness, it is two way with the giver of an appreciation filled with gratitude as well as when receiving the smile and thanked. If the receiver doesn’t, then there is still the time of giving. 

I write about giving and receiving because there have been times in my life that being grateful for receiving a smile in recognition of my appreciation, act of kindness has really made a difference to me. It spurred me on when in a dark hole. 

Your situation may not be so dark, I hope not, so getting the thank you smile may not be as helpful. It doesn’t matter. Take what you want from this material. Providing you count your blessings daily, the days will sparkly and shine. 

I don’t want you to get the idea that you are only doing kindness and appreciation in order to receive a thanks. The thanks is a bonus.


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