Pain is our body’s cry for help

I’ve been doing research and found that people in their 40s start to have twinges, creaks and pain when they move.

Despite this being a common phenomenon, it is cause for alarm. Anyone who has creaking, twinges and pain, please take notice.

Our bodies are regenerating organisms. They are built to serve us and they do a magnificent job. They depend upon us to eat the foods that best sustains it and to move around so the joints and muscles are kept in good working order.

Even when we don’t feed it or move, our bodies do the next best thing, it reallocates nutrients stored to a place in most need. The body works in the NOW. It doesn’t look into the future and say ‘Mm, better not move that nutrient from the bones because it will cause damage later on’

Body says, ‘Attention, urgent need for nutrient X in knee for example’ Action is taken immediately so the knee has the resources it needs.

Body will continue like this for as long as it is living. It makes the assumption that new nutrients will arrive. After all, it sends out messages to Brain that things are going awry.

Body continues to send messages to Brain. These messages increase in intensity as time goes by.

Body can’t do anymore. It is on the receiving end of our actions.

Slowly, body succumbs to disease and damage only because no one is listening.
No one is increasing the intake of much needed nutrients.
Body can only process wine, bacon, bread, pasta, cake and red meat for so long without needing to have big helpings of fresh vegetables.

Pain is our bodies cry for help. Listen to body. Listen to the creaks and twinges. These are the first signs that all is not well. Remember, our bodies are designed to last our lifetime without damage and fatigue.

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