The Curse of Processed Food

Eating out & eating processed foods taste yummy at the time. Taking the easy road now may lead to years of disease and ill-health later.

Eating out amongst Australians now reaches more than four times a week. This means we are relying upon restaurants and cafes for our daily intake of vegetables and what we get is an overdose of salt.

Sydney’s George Institute for Global Health released an alarming report on the state of the nation with salt intake. Men are consuming more than double the World Health Organisation recommendation amount of five grams a day. Australian women consume more than seven grams every day.

We are trading easy today for long term health problems of heart and kidney disease. These diseases change our quality of life just when we are ready to enjoy the increased leisure time and playing with the grand kids.

Here are some simple things to boost your intake of fresh food:

  • Do something new and prepare a fresh salad with some meat, poultry or fish. This can take the amount of time to prepare at home as it does waiting for your takeaway. The benefits are enormous. You are in control of what is going inside your body.
  • If you want to eat with friends, invite them to yours. Prepare a meal for everyone or ask them to bring the protein. Even have a barbie.
  • Meeting in your home makes the whole event more relaxed and the conversation may go to places you’ve not been to before.
  • Make two meals a day healthy
    Take control of breakfast and one of meal of the day. See breakfast as a way of having vegetables rather than cereal – these are part of the processed foods you are reducing.

I make a vegetable dish of onion, chilli, tomato, mushroom and kale or spinach. It is quick to cook – everything can have a slight crunch. It’s tasty and keeps you going until lunchtime.

For the other meal, you can choose a salad. Be flexible about the ingredients. Combine what you have and add a dressing if you wish. I create a homemade coleslaw looking salad with french dressing rather than mayo.

Start flirting with these lovely vegetables. Your body will soak them up, turning on your detox system, activating your internal anti-aging compounds and generally boosting your energy levels.

After all, we are designed to consume fresh vegetables and protein rather than
Big Mac, fried fish and chips, pizza, noodles and the rest of the easy food we consume.

Remember easy now may mean years of disease and disability later.

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