Grief Recovery Program

Are you hiding behind your pain? 

Are you making everyone else feel better so they can make the most of their lives? 

You know you are sabotaging yourself. You are strong willed and done lots of personal development. Yet, the shifts just aren’t working. You know it’s unresolved grief but fear, time and you just want to push on with life and business erasing the feelings grief brings.

Unresolved grief is stored in the body so that it stops you being able to function effectively. 

In six sessions, we work through the major grief episodes of your life and release them. You also understand how some seemingly unconnected actions keep the grief in check – in your body.

You can expect:

✨ to feel lighter and showing up brighter in the world

✨ the intensity of the pain your body diminishes over time

✨ Because you are lighter and brighter, how your business shows up is also transformed 


We use the proven Grief Recovery method, of which I am a qualified specialist and walk through the following:

🗝 Myths about grief and how they show up in your life

🗝 How we displace feelings and which ones you do 

🗝 Personal history with grief 

🗝 Combining the recovery components with the losses experienced

🗝 Completion letters

🗝 Healing incomplete relationships and new habits


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