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Take the opportunity for boosting your vibe and that of your whole family with Vibe Booster session or program


Free fifteen gives you the opportunity to see whether we are a good fit together.


Vibe Booster Session is an hour long session where we do exercises that you twke away to be able to repeat to increase your appreciation and gratitude.  You take away:

☀️ Appreciation for another person regardless of how you feel about them now

☀️ Tips to boost your vibe in under 3 minutes

☀️ Creativity boosters that not only help you, your business too!

🎙What’s more you receive a recording of our conversation so you can return to these simple tips over and over. 


Vibe Booster Program  is a four module program where you receive exercises via email, we meet together in a facebook group for mutual encouragement and motivation.  I also have support calls every week. Doors open for this later this year.

Gratitude community is a membership community where we do deep dives into topics within the book, have group coaching calls and be part of a like minded community.

Choose the one that best serves your needs today.


If you’ve just had a bereavement whether an event or a person dying, the grief recovery program is the best place to start. Appreciation and Gratitude is offered as it suits each person.

Grief Recovery Coaching is a seven session program where we examine your life of loss, in particular the latest one, and understand what the loss means, do completion letters and healing. You will be able to complete this process on your own in the future

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