Gratitude is more than your 5 a day

Surely, there’s not much more to gratitude than writing five things, or even 3,  you are grateful for each day. That seems to be the standard advice and activity on the net. Keeping a gratitude journal will certainly do something and it will do more if you write out each statement like this: I am … Continue reading Gratitude is more than your 5 a day

Savouring the first cup of coffee of the day

I love the smell of just poured coffee. I love the froth on top even though it’s black. I love how it sits patiently waiting for me to take the first sip. Whilst, at the same time, it beckons me to indulge.  Ooh! I love how the first sip is a mix of froth and … Continue reading Savouring the first cup of coffee of the day

30 Day Challenge for boosting my vibration

Who wants to have 30 days with no TV, with no unnecessary human contact and really getting in touch with your higher self? Well, this is what I am going during November. I am on Day 3 and will be posting most days during the challenge. So far, it has been an awesome time. I … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge for boosting my vibration

Appreciation and Gratitude

No one likes being taken for granted. It feels as like being a doormat, an ATM machine or an unpaid taxi driver. Yet, the demands for your time, money and skills become a drain. I am sure there are times in your life, dear reader, when some or all of these things have happened either … Continue reading Appreciation and Gratitude

Feeling good with laughter

Feeling good with laughter

Laughter feels so good. It releases serotonin and endorphins which helps balance the stress hormones - cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine. Yet, when we are stressed or unhappy, it is one of the last responses we do. Yet, laughter is essential for us to feel connected with people. It’s a way humans bond together. We are … Continue reading Feeling good with laughter