High flyer in the corporate world to serving due to a brain injury

Winnie Anderson was a high flyer in the corporate world until, a car accident resulting in a brain injury changed all that. It wasn’t until she really needed to process the unresolved childhood trauma that Winnie found some peace. Listen to her story of being totally self-reliant and how that became the stumbling block to healing.

Winnie’s bio

Winnie Anderson focuses on helping people and organisations reach their goals.

As a business achievement strategist, she helps introverted coaches, consultants and other expert solution providers get the courage, confidence, and clarity to own their ability, boldly get their message out, and create the success they dream of and deserve.

Winnie is a best-selling author and award-winning copywriter with a Masters in Human Resources and an undergrad degree in Education. She is a student of motivation, behaviour, and learning and is driven to help female solo professionals create the abundant businesses we dream of and deserve.

She understands the fears and strategies that can get in the way of introverts, especially when they bring emotional wounds with them because in addition to being an introvert herself she also continues to work to move past her own complex trauma from emotional abuse and neglect and a brain injury sustained in a car accident.

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