Carole Henderson speaks about how the loss of her husband led her to be a leading grief recovery specialist

Carole is now founder and MD of Grief Recovery Europe a training company dedicated to teaching the Grief Recovery Method both to people with significant emotional loss and those who wish to help others with loss.

In 2006, her husband was diagnosed with return of the cancer from malignant melanoma removed the previous year. He died in November and life as she knew it ended. It was this & a chance find of the Grief Recovery Handbook that totally altered the course of Carole’s life.

In 2012 Carole began a relationship with Ian and married in 2015. Carole lives in Ellington a small village in Cambridgeshire, UK with Ian, 3 dogs and an Owl.

Carole shares her story from having everything materially, yet, there was still something niggling. She was in the process of addressing this when her husband died within a short time of having the diagnosis. Carole has done two career shifts since then and this has been part of the recovery.

By listening to her intuition and taking action, Carole runs a successful training and coaching business helping others to recovery from grief and for those who also feel called to guide others.

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